The MAX200 model is a 3 or 4 axles extendable and non extendable flatdeck semi-trailer.

Tire 435/50 R 19.5“ or 385/65 R 22.5“ according to choice of the manufacturer

Reflectors (red or yellow) according to the EU regulation at the rear of the trailer

On the right and left in the front area and at the rear of the trailer one holder for the warning boards and socket

Braking system WABCO following EU-regulations with EBS-E system, without connection to the truck

For the longest loads!

With the MAX200, you can extend the length of the loading platform from the basic size of 13,600 mm to max. 29,800 mm into the double extendable version. You can also choose this vehicle with hydraulic power steering system. This feature makes your flatbed extremely maneuverable and helps you master tight corners or convoluted entrances effortlessly.

All models have air suspension and a standard width of 2,540 mm.



International brands, dozens of satisfied customers

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International brands, dozens of satisfied customers