B.T.E designs and distributes on the market thousands of products thanks to a dedicated and professional service able to meet the market needs. B.T.E. products are born from the experience of a leading company in the industry whose aim is to improve continuously by designing innovative solutions and features.

For paper and cardboard

For dry municipal solid waste

For sand, gravel, silt or ash

For iron and iron scrap

Not just a metal box!

All in one! Receives, compacts and stores.
The removable compactors are the best product for those who need to reduce the volume of the waste with a mobile and non-fixed solution. They are available in the versions with drawer, single-blade and auger. Powered by electricity, independent with Diesel engine or with low environmental impact by means of photovoltaic panels. Suitable for manual transfer (from the ground or raised floor) or via satellite vehicles.

• Roll On/Off Compactors (Horizontal Ram)
• Roll On/Off Compactors (Single Blade)
• Screw (Roll On/Off Or Stationary) Compactors
• Bin Lifters
• Static/fixed compactor PAK 1100


From the smallest to the biggest, fixed or removable, open or closed.
For some it is simply a metal box to throw waste into, for others it is a choice of durability and reliability aimed at a special need / use.

• Standard Msw (Municipal Solidi Waste) Containers
• Containers For Ferrous And Non Ferrous Scraps
• Containers For Debris And Aggregates
• Containers For Wood Chips, Sawdust Or Ash
• Containers For Drying / Drainage
• Water-Tight Containers For Organic / Wet Waste
• Roll-Off Solutions For Selective Collection
• Containers For Sludge Lines And Bio-Gas
• Stackable roll-off containers
• Containers For Foodstuffs / Agricultural Produce
• Container with double bottom for drying
• Multi-part containers



International brands, dozens of satisfied customers

At CTE Solution, we believe that in addition to quality products, service should be unique. At CTE Solution, we only sell international brands and our design, financing and service services not only sell you the right machine, but also guide you through the entire project process. Our customer satisfaction is proven by dozens of positive feedbacks, we strive to have the most satisfied customer base among the service providers in Hungary.

International brands, dozens of satisfied customers