Semi-Automatic Balers

The CK semi-automatic baler is the ideal choice for operators in the retail, logistics and processing industries, as well as for companies involved in the recycling and trading of waste. They are perfectly suited for handling large quantities of packaging materials, especially recyclable packaging materials (cardboard, paper, film, PET, plastic and metal cans, crates, etc.). Their technical design and filling method (manual, mechanical, etc.) can be adapted to specific needs and local conditions. The semi-automatic horizontal baler is the most compacting machine thanks to its high compaction force (50-75 tonnes), ideal size and weight from a logistical point of view.


Continuous operation

Large Feed Opening

Strong and aggressive shear-blades

Full bale eject & Portcullis door


The CK400HFEPC is an ideal entry-level semi-automatic baler. Initially designed for cruise ships, it has now become popular with the paper industry for companies printing or processing a lot of paper.
With a 7.5kW motor and 50T compaction force, the CK400HFEPC produces bales of paper up to 400kg.
It has a small footprint which means it operates well in areas where there is limited space. It comes with a Full Eject System (HFE), a Portcullis Door (PC) for fast and easy operation.

The CK450HFE is one of the most popular machines in our entire range. It can be found in logistic centres, warehouses and large retail shops with substantial volumes of waste. It’s height makes it perfect for hand-feeding and very suitable for dock level loading.
Bale Weight: 450-500kgs

Excellent solution for logistic centres, retail & manufacturers. CK450HFEPC is an excellent solution for distribution and logistic centres, retail stores, manufacturers and various industries with substantial volumes of waste.
Bale Weight: 500-550kgs

Recommended for PET bottles & aluminium cans. Highest shearing power in semi-automatic market. The CK600HFEPC is one of the most versatile balers made by CK International. It can process a wide variety of materials including cardboard, paper, plastic film, PET bottles, hard plastics, E-Waste and other recyclables.
Bale Weight: 600-650kgs

The CK850HFEPC combines a high compaction force with a huge filling chamber to produce high-density bales. This machine is ideal for processing large volumes of materials such as cardboard, soft and hard plastics.



International brands, dozens of satisfied customers

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International brands, dozens of satisfied customers