Portafill Reclaimer Screens and Crushers

The company's products are used in a wide range of applications, including: quarries; sand and gravel pits; landfills; waste management sites.



Durable machine


Cost-effective, innovative and extremely versatile!

Portafill is a world leader in cost-effective, innovative and highly versatile reclaimer screens, crushers, washers and conveyors. You'll find Portafill machines on almost every continent in the world. Portafill has been designing and manufacturing quality products for over a decade. Founded in Ireland in 1993, the company has drawn on the rich local expertise and history that has made this part of Ireland a hub. Their dedicated team of engineers use the latest 3D CAD and design technologies, ensuring accurate lifecycle management of our products at every stage of design, manufacture and after sales service. Portafill's commitment to continuous innovation and improvement is reflected in the quality of their end product and their excellent customer service.

Portafill finishing screens

Portafill designs and manufactures 2 and 3 level screening machines. It is ideally suited for fine screening, such as sand and gravel, or for post-conical crushing where smaller fractions are required. The Portafill finishing classifiers are ideal for all these tasks, up to the customer's individual requirements. 

Portafill Scalper

Portafill produces a range of robust and reliable scalpers. Compact and easy to transport, with excellent performance and ease of use. It can be used for a wide range of applications including stone, sand, demolition-construction waste, compost and waste.

Portafill Crushers

The Portafill range of crushers is designed for use in a variety of stone types and a range of recycling applications. A variety of cone, jaw and impact crushers are available. Kompakt, könnyen szállítható és hatékony, ezek a törőgépcsalád kiemelkedő tulajdonságai. All types of crushers can be equipped with a suspended classifier and a recirculation return system.

Portafill Washing Systems

Portafill offers washing options that can be used with the MS-3 and MS-6 screens. Very versatile and can wash a wide range of materials from road chippings to sand and gravel. With the large bottom deck screen you can fit 2 different screen meshes and make 2 sands. Very mobile design with tracked undercarriage making the machine ideal for any contractor that needs to move the machine from site to site.



International brands, dozens of satisfied customers

At CTE Solution, we believe that in addition to quality products, service should be unique. At CTE Solution, we only sell international brands and our design, financing and service services not only sell you the right machine, but also guide you through the entire project process. Our customer satisfaction is proven by dozens of positive feedbacks, we strive to have the most satisfied customer base among the service providers in Hungary.

International brands, dozens of satisfied customers